El Conde Main Story, Release date, Cast.

El Conde is a American Movie which released Only on Netflix. Jaime Vadell, Alfredo Castro, Paula Luchsinger and Catalina Guerra play leading roles in El Conde. In this article you can found El Conde Main Story, Release date, Cast, producer, Official Trailer.


El Conde Movie Basic Information :


Movie Name El Conde (2023)
Director Pablo Larrain

Pablo Larrain

Guillermo Calderon


Juan de Dios Larraín

Music Marcelo Zarvos
Country Of Origin Chile
Language Spanish
Running Time 1 Hours 50 Minutes
Release Date 15 September  2023


 Production Company :




 Main Storyline  :

  El Conde movie main Story are Centers on Augusto Pinochet who is not dead but an aged vampire. After living 250 years in this world, he has decided to die once and for all.  

Release Date :

  El Conde Netflix Announced the Release Date 15 September 2023. You Can watch only on Netflix.


Network :

  American Broadcasting Company.  

Top Cast :


  1. Jaime Vadell as Augusto Pinochet
  2. Gloria Münchmeyer
  3. Alfredo Castro
  4. Paula Luchsinger
  5. Catalina Guerra
  6. Marcial Tagle
  7. Amparo Noguera
  8. Diego Muñoz
  9. Antonia Zegers

Official Trailer :


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