Confidential Informant Main Story, Release date, Cast.

Confidential Informant is a American Thriller Movie which released Only on Netflix. Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Arielle Raycene and Nick Stahl play leading roles in Confidential Informant. In this article you can found Confidential Informant Main Story, Release date, Cast, producer, Official Trailer.  


Confidential Informant Movie Basic Information :

Movie Name Confidential Informant (2023)
Director Michael Oblowitz

Michael Oblowitz, Michael Kaycheck


Daniel Cummings, Michael Oblowitz, Dave Fleming

Music Roy Hay
Country Of Origin United States 
Language English
Running Time 1 Hours 28 Minutes
Release Date 27 June 2023


  Main Storyline  :

  Confidential Informant movie main Story are A police detective suffering from cancer makes a deal with an informant to get killed in the line of duty, so his family can receive the hefty death benefits from the department.


Release Date :

  Confidential Informant Netflix Announced the Release Date 27 June 2023. You Can watch only on Netflix.


Network :

American Broadcasting Company.  


Top Cast :


  1. Mel Gibson as Kevin Hickey
  2. Kate Bosworth as Anna Moran
  3. Dominic Purcell as Tom Moran
  4. Nick Stahl as Mike Thorton
  5. Arielle Raycene as Ginger
  6. Erik Valdez as Carlos
  7. Russell Richardson as William Learner
  8. Joe Mangano as Jon Lindstorm


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Confidential Informant Movie Official Trailer :


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